About Us

Iglesia Emanuel is a community of faith rooted in the love of God. We believe worship is not just found in prayer, it’s something expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Come and join us to experience God’s grace for yourself. There’s a special place for you.



Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Calling

Misión y Visión – Ser la presencia de Jesús dondequiera que estemos. Trabajando unidos como iglesia con la visión de alcanzar a los perdidos, discipular a los creyentes, equipar a los discípulos y vivir en comunión unos con otros. Mateo 28:18-20.

Declaración de Fe

La iglesia acepta los artículos de fe aprobados por la Convención Bautista del Sur: 



Mission and Vision – To be the presence of Jesus wherever we are. Working united as a church with vision to: Reach the lost, Disciple the believers, Equip the disciples, and to live in fellowship with each other. Matthew 28:18-20

Statement of Faith

The church accepts the Articles of Faith and the Statements of Position approved by the Southern Baptist Convention